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Super Easy Pot Roast

This Super Easy Beef Pot Roast is cooked low and slow for 3 hours in a cast iron pot, or a dutch oven. It’s melt-in-your-mouth tender and absolutely loaded with flavor. This one-pot dinner recipe is loaded with carrots and potatoes, so you don’t have to make anything else to complete your meal! This easy pot roast recipe is perfect for weekend dinners and special occasions!

One-pot dinners make the evenings so much easier as there are fewer dishes to clean up after! If you love one dish recipes, try my One Pan Italian Chicken Skillet, full of cheesy goodness, and my One Pan Meatball Stroganoff is easy comfort food at it’s finest!

Super tender, juicy, fall-apart crock pot roast is not as hard as you think! This slow cooker recipe uses a few simple ingredients to make the most flavorful (yet stupid easy) pot roast ever!

A good cut of beef chuck for the roast itself; this recipe calls for about 2 2.5-pound chucks, but I usually just make one 2-3 pound piece. Make sure that it is marbled and has lots of fat. The better the cut, the more delicious the roast.



1 packet dry salad dressing – Italian

1 packet dry salad dressing – Ranch

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1 packet dry Brown Gravy

½ cup of water



Mix the salad and gravy packets with water, pour over the roast and set in the slow cooker for 8 hours on low.

If you want to thicken the gravy after the roast is cooked, add some flour in a skillet with the au jus.

Simplest pot roast slow cooker pot roast recipe with only 4 ingredients that tastes amazing

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