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Shipwreck Dinner!!!


Shipwreck Dinner will be on tonight’s menu. We are sure you haven’t heard of it. Although it sounds like something that people would make while traveling across the ocean for months, we don’t know where this delicious dish came from. It’s very affordable and can be easily prepared for a large family.

This one-pan recipe can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. It includes creamy mac and cheese noodles and ground beef. You can also substitute whatever you have in your fridge for shipwreck dinner and it will still taste great.

The world is becoming super-expensive. We want to provide you with inexpensive recipes that will allow you to feed your family, or host a family gathering without worrying about how much money you can spend on food. That’s what everyone wants, right?

Although the recipe calls for frozen vegetables, can I substitute fresh vegetables if I have them?

This option is available to you if you’re like us and shop at the grocery store to eat healthier, and not just buy the freshest fruits and veggies you can find, but also to save the time and effort of storing them in the back of your fridge. Don’t let expensive produce go to waste. It is possible to add it to the recipe. To ensure that the produce is properly cooked before you add it to the skillet, we recommend steaming them first. Particularly hearty foods such as broccoli and corn. This will be a fan favorite, no matter how much you add.

Ingredients :

1 pounds Beef, ground, thin, (approximately 21% fat) raw

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(1) (7.25 Oz) package of KRAFT Macaroni as well as Cheese dinner Original Flavor not prepared

(1) (14.5 OZ) (1) (14.5 oz) S & W Ready Cut Tomatoes in Juice-Cnd-Cup SW

1 cup of milk reduced fat, liquid with 2% milkfat with vitamin A added

1 cup green peas frozen and uncooked

1 cup corn sweet yellow, frozen kernels cut from cob not prepared

1 tsp of seasoned salt

1 cup Cheddar Cheese

Directions :

In a large pan, heat it up to medium-high temperature. Stir in the beef until it is browned and crumbly. five to seven minutes while in the skillet.

Mix pasta and cheese mixtures from the package of macaroni and cheese into the beef mixture. Add the milk, tomatoes peas, corn, and peas to the beef mixtureand stir. The mixture should come to a simmer, then lower the heat to medium, then put a lid on the skillet to cook 12 minutes in a simmer till the pasta is soft .

Then, season the dish with salt that is seasoned. Stir the half-cup of Cheddar cheese into the dish until it melts. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the the top.
Tips :

It’s a decent recipe, but if would like a more refined recipe, you should utilize the pasta shells as well as cheese using the ready-to-apply cheese. It’s similar, however, you must include the milk as you’ll require it for cooking the noodles. Add tomatoes juice.

For a variety of options, make use of Ro*tel(R) as an alternative to regular tomatoes. You can also use 1 cup frozen Fajita-like vegetables, along with some taco seasoning for the Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck . You can make it an Sicilian shipwreck with the addition of Italian seasoning onions, garlic and mozzarella .

Feel free to reuse leftovers from this recipe.

If you’re looking to add an extra kick in your everyday meals Sue Creole-style salat seasoned in Creole style.
Nutrition Facts:

per Serving 636.2 calories. 1107 mg cholesterol; 1107.9 mg sodium; 42.9 grams of protein and 55 grams of carbohydrates.

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