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Philly Steak wraps

Philly Cheese Steak Wraps are a fun spin on the classic, Philly Cheesesteak version. Instead of using steak strips and a french roll, you will use ground beef and a large flour tortilla! Philly Cheese Steak Wraps are the perfect meal prepping food. Double or triple the quantities of the recipe and have the filling on hand all week for more wraps, a salad topping or a yummy stuffed bell pepper!

At Momsdish, we LOVE a one-pan meal! In a skillet over medium-heat, you will bring all your ingredients together for a savory, melty filling. Sayonara dishes, hello more time for relaxing!
If you are already a Philly Cheesesteak connoisseur (go, you!), you probably can recite the legendary ingredients off the top of your head.


21 slice pkg of Steak-umm⁠
1 ea. Red, green, yellow bell pepper⁠
1 large sweet onion⁠
1 pkg of cutdacarb⁠
12oz Smoked Gouda cheese, grated⁠


This recipe makes ALOT of Philly steak. You can scale down to less steak um and 1/2 bell pepper ea. Med onion. Scale down cheese a bit.⁠

Heat up that cast iron !!! We used 2 skillets⁠

1) Cut your veggies, slice peppers into strips, cut the onion in half then cut half moon slices.⁠
2) add fat of your choice to the skillet and fry up the veggies to give them a little chat and tender. Clear one side and add steak umm to the skillet. Fry while flipping, combine veggies and steak. Fry a bit more to let the flavors marry. Add the cheese, and mix in. Season with garlic lovers liberally. Turn off the heat.⁠
3) Heat up another skillet, and melt lard, or fat of choice for frying.⁠
4) cut one sheet of cutdacarb horizontal, add a ladle of Philly steak, and roll tight. Place into a hot skillet with the lard and fry seam down. This will seal it, 10 seconds turn. They fry quickly. Fry til all slides golden, Repeat til done. You can make a couple and save the rest of the Philly steak for meal prep, freeze it, or make 10-12 wraps
Hope you enjoy it!

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