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Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Brookies

If you’re looking for quick and easy desserts to make, these peanut butter stuffed brookies (brownies + cookies) are insanely delicious and fun to make. The BEST dessert recipe, ever! They will more than meet your sweet treat expectations, but the best part is they are simple to make with just a few store-bought items.

These heavenly little chocolate desserts require just 3 ingredients plus the oil and egg it takes to make the chocolate brownie batter. I also like to serve them warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, because why not? They remind me of a fancy chocolate lava cake or pizookie, only much easier to make thanks to a muffin tin.



+Brownie cake:

°140 gm dark chocolate
°70 grams butter
°2 large eggs
°100 grams of sugar
° 80 grams of flour
° pinch of salt
°50 grams of pecans

+ for a cookie:

°100g soft butter
°120g of cane sugar
°1 large egg
°170 g flour
° 1 t baking powder
°100 g chocolate chips (or ground chocolate)
° pinch of salt

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*Preparation :

+ To make the cake:

Put the chocolate and butter into small pieces in a glass or stainless steel bowl, and also put them in a double boiler to melt.

In another dish, whisk eggs and sugar. Add the flour and salt, then the melted chocolate butter mixture.

Stir in the coarse pecans.

Pour the preparation into a 20 x 20 cm square mold lined with parchment paper.

+ for a cookie:

In a bowl, mix the softened butter with the sugar until you get a homogeneous preparation.

Add the egg and beat well.

Then add the flour, baking powder and sifted chocolate chips.

You will have a dough ball that cannot be spread over brownie dough. Dough drips for small piles, too. While baking, spread the cookie dough and cover the entire surface of the cake.

Bake for 21 to 26 minutes in a preheated 180°C oven.



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