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Cherries, cheesecake and cookies combine together for a wonderful dessert lasagna. The no-bake directions make this perfect for summer barbecues when you don’t want to turn on the oven and heat up your house. This would even be a fabulous Christmas dessert since you can make it ahead of time and the colors are very festive. This would leave you free for the important tasks at hand on Christmas…wrapping last-minute gifts. This dessert is also a show stopper because it looks beautiful when it is prepared. Be sure to use a clean loaf pan so you can see all of the layers. The beauty is definitely in the layers! Nilla Wafers are the perfect choice of cookie in this dessert! I hope your family enjoys this dessert as much as mine did. Be prepared for everyone to ask you for the recipe. It is simple but delicious! You may also enjoy Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna, Blueberry Lush, and No-Bake Chocolate Chip Oreo Ganache Cheesecake.



5 mini bags Nilla Wafer Minis-or use regular-sized Nilla Wafers
8 ounces soft cream cheese
⅓ cup sugar
8-ounce tub cool whip
½ cup cherry preserves
1 can cherry pie filling



Line a loaf pan with Nilla Wafers across the bottom.
In a mixer beat cream cheese and sugar.
3. When smooth, beat in cool whip.
Spread half the cheesecake mixture over the cookies gently.
Stir the preserves to loosen them and dollop over the cheesecake mixture. Spread gently.
Add another layer of Nilla Wafers and top with the rest of the cheesecake mix.
Pour on the Cherry Pie Filling.
Parkin the fridge overnight and serve with some whipped cream! YUM!


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