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Low-Carb Crack Slaw



°2 pounds beef
°2 bags Dole classic coleslaw mix
°4 green onions
°three tsp garlic (I used actual garlic and reduce some tranches)
°three tbsp soy sauce (I used mild soy sauce to flavor, this does not ought to be exact)
°2 tablespoons sesame oil
°2 teaspoons crush red pepper flakes (optional)
°2 teaspoons ginger
*Optional, adding a pack splenda for a unmarried serving. I have not carried out it however I’ve visible a some people do.



Chop burger into the pan as you commonly would.
In a separate pan, I placed sesame oil, soy sauce, chopped green onion and chopped garlic collectively and sautéed till tender. I then introduced the cabbage (coleslaw mix), overwhelmed pink pepper and ground ginger and cooked till nearly tender, it nevertheless had a mild crunch which I choose to high-quality smooth cabbage. Once that changed into carried out I tired the extra fats from the burger and introduced it to the pan with the relaxation of the substances and stirred. I introduced a touch greater soy sauce for flavor however now no longer much. Turned out great. Husband and son loved it. Low carb, slight fats and slight protein, perfect !

Enjoy !

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