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Easy Apple Butter

Is it really fall if you haven’t made a batch of homemade apple butter yet? Of course not! And it doesn’t have to take all day ~ a little over an hour with my recipe and you’ll have 4 warm jars of rich sweet and tangy apple butter to spoon, spread, and slather to your heart’s delight. Homemade apple spread is one of the very first things I do every fall, it sets the tone for a delicious season.

Why you should make this exact recipe ~ my apple butter is a nice rich golden brown but isn’t overly spiced ~ dark brown sugar adds a rich caramel flavor and just a hint of fall spice really allows the apple flavor to shine. This is the classic memory-making fall-welcoming velvety smooth apple butter you dream of 11 months out of the year. And it only takes about an hour of your time.


I could drone on about which apple variety you need for the perfect butter blah blah, but honestly you can use any fresh crisp apple you love ~ they all work! I could tell you two apples I don’t use (and they both have the word delicious in their name, go figure!) but that would be wrong because I bet some of you will make amazing apple butter with those, too. So bottom line ~ use any apples, just make this butter!

Is apple butter the same as applesauce?

No, while both are made from apples, apple butter is cooked longer to create a thicker, more concentrated spread with a deeper flavor and added spices. Many fruits can be turned into butter this way, one of my faves is Maple Cranberry Butter.

What are the best apples for apple butter?

Apple butter can be made with any type or combination of types of apples. The most important criterion would be taste ~ use apples that you love. I think freshness is the key here: if you can get your hands on orchard apples, or pick your own, your butter will have a spectacular fresh flavor.


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• 6 large apples
• 1+1/3 Cup.Of sugar
• 1/2 Cup.Of water
• 255g of 35% cream

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