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Caramelized Baked Chicken Legs or Wings

Caramelized Baked Chicken Legs or Wings is a recipe that embodies the essence of comfort food, combining the rich, savory taste of chicken with a sweet and tangy glaze. This dish is not only delectable but also surprisingly simple to prepare, making it perfect for both weeknight dinners and special occasions.

When selecting your chicken, consider using either legs or wings, depending on your preference. Chicken legs offer more meat and can be more satisfying for a hearty meal, while wings are perfect for a fun, finger-food experience. For the health-conscious, opting for skinless chicken can reduce the fat content, although the skin does contribute to the flavor and crispiness of the final dish.

The glaze is the heart of this recipe, and the balance of flavors is crucial. High-quality soy sauce can make a significant difference in taste, so choose a brand that you trust. The honey in the glaze not only adds sweetness but also helps to create that beautiful caramelization, so using a good quality honey is recommended.

If you’re looking to tweak the recipe, there are several variations you can try. For a spicier kick, add a dash of hot sauce or a pinch of red pepper flakes to the glaze. If you prefer a more herbaceous note, include a teaspoon of dried herbs like thyme or rosemary. For those watching their sugar intake, the honey can be substituted with a lesser amount of agave syrup or a sugar-free sweetener, though this may affect the caramelization.


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2 1/2 lbs chicken legs
1 2/3 tablespoons olive oil (to help it stop sticking to the pan)
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 2/3 tablespoons ketchup

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