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Last year when I posted about how much I like roasting corn, I had several people tell me that the most delicious way to cook corn is to boil it with a cup of milk and a stick butter. I finally got around to trying it and I agree – this is the most delicious way to cook corn.No need to slather butter all over the corn. This corn already has a buttery taste.

Just a little salt and pepper and this corn on the cob is ready to go. And actually, if you use a stick of salted butter, you might find you don’t even need to add any salt. Some people add sugar too, but I find the corn available around here during the summer is already sweet enough.

If you suspect your corn is a little lacking in flavor, you might want to add some sugar to perk it up.



4 ears corn (husks and silk removed)
Water (enough to cover the ears of corn)
1 cup heavy cream
½ cup milk
6 tablespoon butter
¼ cup sugar
½ teaspoon paprika (optional)



-Fill a large pot with enough water to just cover the ears of corn, then add the heavy cream, milk, ¼ c portion of the butter, and sugar then bring to a boil over medium high heat.

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-Reduce heat to low and allow to cook about for 8-10 minutes, or until corn is tender. Then melt the remaining two tablespoons of butter and mix with the paprika. Set aside.

-Remove from the stock pot and liquid and then brush the melted butter and paprika onto the cooked corn on the cob with a basting brush. Serve immediately!

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