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Apply Vaseline to your stove and see what happens

HouseVaseline Is an Astonishing Fix for Uncooperative Stove Grease

Vaseline Is an Astonishing Fix for Uncooperative Stove Grease

The Vaseline Effect:

Petroleum jelly, sometimes referred to as vaseline, is used for much more than just hydrating dry skin. Its amazing capacity to remove oil and dirt from a variety of surfaces, including stovetops, is one of its lesser-known advantages. Let’s first examine the reasons behind Vaseline’s remarkable efficacy before delving into the specifics of this method.

Because it contains lubricants and emollients, vaseline is a great option for removing and lifting tough grease stains. It makes the residue softer and easier to remove with a cloth. Furthermore, Vaseline forms a barrier that keeps oil and filth from accumulating in the future, simplifying your cleaning schedule.

How to Use Vaseline to Clean Your Stove:

Vaseline is an easy way to clean your stove that produces great results. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish it:

Supplies Required:

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Petroleum jelly, or Vaseline

Microfiber linen

Wool made of steel (quad zero)

Gloves (preferred but not required)

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