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Why Garlic Peels are Like Hidden Treasures: Clever Ways to Repurpose Them

Natural Pest Deterrent: Scatter dried garlic skins around your plants to ward off pests like aphids and snails. The strong scent of garlic serves as an effective, natural repellant.

Garlic Skin Tea for Plants: Brew a nutritious, all-natural fertilizer with garlic skins. Soak the skins in water, let them steep, then strain and dilute this ‘tea’ to nourish and protect your plants.

Mulching with Garlic Skins: Use garlic skins as a mulch. They help retain soil moisture, prevent weeds, and gradually add nutrients to the soil as they break down.

Biodegradable Seed Starters: Employ garlic skins as eco-friendly seed starter pots. Fill them with soil, plant your seeds, and transplant them directly into the garden, minimizing shock to the young plants.

By repurposing garlic skins in your garden, you engage in an eco-friendly practice that enhances plant health and contributes to a sustainable environment. Next time you’re peeling garlic, think twice before discarding the skins. Give them a new purpose in your garden and witness the remarkable benefits they bring to your green oasis.

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