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Utilize Salt for Toilet Cleaning: Grandma’s Secret

Utilize Salt for Toilet Cleaning: Grandma’s Secret! Salt, a kitchen staple, emerges as an unexpected hero for maintaining a pristine toilet. Who would have thought that a mere 100 grams of this common ingredient could be the key to ensuring a dazzlingly white toilet?

The Quest for a Gleaming Bathroom:

We all aspire to have a flawlessly clean bathroom, and the toilet often requires special attention. Despite the abundance of cleaning products on the market, many are harsh and pose risks to ceramic surfaces and our health due to their potent chemical composition.

A Simple yet Powerful Salt Solution:

Fear not, as a gentler and effective solution might already be in your kitchen cabinet. Let’s delve into how ordinary kitchen salt can be transformed into a potent cleaning agent for your bathroom fixtures. Here’s an uncomplicated recipe for a DIY salt-based cleaning mixture:


A handful of baking soda

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100 grams of coarse salt

100 ml of water


Mix It Up: Combine coarse salt and baking soda in a bowl. Gradually stir in water until a creamy consistency is achieved. This traditional remedy proves surprisingly effective.

Apply with Care: Spread the mixture in the toilet, using a brush for even application. Don’t flush; let it sit overnight.

Morning Shine: Flush in the morning to reveal a brilliantly clean and whitened toilet.

For Limescale: Enhance potency against limescale by adding white vinegar to the mix.

Not Just for Toilets: This mixture works wonders on other bathroom surfaces, including tiles.

This DIY cleaning solution not only delivers an impressively clean and white toilet but also safeguards your bathroom fixtures and your health from the harsh chemicals found in many commercial cleaners.

Rediscover the enchantment of everyday household items for safe, effective, and economical cleaning solutions, starting with this simple yet remarkable salt-based mixture!

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