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Homemade Krispy Kremes

Are you craving those melt-in-your-mouth, glazed Krispy Kreme but don’t want to venture out? Well, I’ve got great news for you! I’m going to walk you through a super delicious homemade Krispy Kremes recipe that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. Get ready to impress your family and friends with these mouthwatering treats!

This recipe is a perfect blend of simplicity and flavor, bringing the iconic taste of Krispy Kremes into your home. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, this recipe is designed to guide you through each step, ensuring a delightful experience and delicious results.

Tips for Perfecting the Recipe

Yeast Activation: Ensure the milk-water mixture is warm but not too hot to activate the yeast effectively without killing it.

Dough Consistency: The dough should be soft and slightly sticky. If it’s too sticky, add a little more flour; if too dry, add a few drops of milk.

Kneading: Proper kneading is crucial. The dough should be elastic and smooth. Under-kneaded dough will not rise properly.

Rising Time: Allow the dough to rise until it doubles in size. This is essential for light and fluffy donuts.

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Oil Temperature: Maintain the oil temperature at 375°F. Too hot, and the donuts will burn on the outside and be raw inside; too cool, and they’ll absorb too much oil and be greasy.

Glazing: Glaze the donuts while they are warm for the best coverage and texture.

Ingredients Needed for This Krispy Kremes

3 tablespoons of milk
3 tablespoons of boiling water
1 teaspoon of dry active yeast
8 ounces of all-purpose flour (approximately 2 cups; precise measurement and weighing are advised)
1.5 ounces of granulated sugar (roughly 3 tablespoons)
1 large egg
1 ounce of butter (should be cold to room temperature, avoid melting)
A pinch of salt
Sufficient vegetable oil for frying (to fill the bottom few inches of a wok or deep fryer)

For the Glaze:

1/3 cup of butter
2 cups of confectioners’ sugar
1.5 teaspoons of vanilla extract
4 tablespoons of hot water (additional water may be required to achieve desired consistency)

Instructions for Making Krispy Kremes

In a large measuring jug, combine the milk and boiling water. Add a teaspoon of the sugar and the yeast. Stir gently, then leave it in a warm place for the yeast to activate (form foam).
In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, the rest of the sugar, and the salt. Cut in the butter using your fingers or a pastry blender, until it resembles crumbs.
Add the beaten egg and yeast mixture to the flour mix, and mix into a smooth dough (about 5 minutes of mixing).
Turn the dough out onto a lightly-floured counter and knead for about 5 to 10 minutes—it should feel springy and little bubbles should form under the surface. Place it back in the bowl, cover with a cloth or plastic wrap, and let rise for about an hour until double in size.
Once risen, place the dough onto the counter and cut it into 4 pieces. One piece at a time, stretch it into a long rope about an inch to an inch and a half wide. Cut strips about an inch long, ball them up with your hands, and place them on a baking tray or wire rack to wait.
Cover the doughnuts holes with a cloth to rise while you heat the oil to 375°F.
Place the doughnuts into the oil and fry until golden brown on each side, about 2 minutes. Be sure to fry only a few at a time so they don’t overcrowd and stick together.
Drain on a paper towel or wire rack over a cloth, before glazing them. Be sure to glaze them warm, or else they won’t get that delicious coverage!

Glaze Instructions:

A brief note: I recommend a scale, as not all flours (and cup measurements) are made equal.
If you don’t have a scale, start at 1 1/2 cups and work your way up from there.
While they are still warm, prepare the glaze by mixing butter, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla extract, and hot water until smooth.
Dip each one into the glaze, ensuring even coverage.

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