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Homemade blueberry lime pound

This Blueberry Lime Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is so easy to make and loaded with fresh blueberries and zesty lime or lemon. Baking this pound cake with cream cheese in the dough makes it extra moist and creamy. Top it with a cream cheese frosting to make it irresistible!
I know, I know. Blueberries? Again?? You don’t even have to tell me. I’m sure I have blueberried y’all out over the last couple of months, but they are still coming in by the bucket load off our blueberry bushes! But you can’t deny that you are in love with this Blueberry Lime Pound Cake!

This blueberry pound cake is easy to make, but a little different from your normal recipe. I have found a trick to keeping your pound cake extra tender and moist…cream cheese! We beat cream cheese into the batter for the pound cake and it makes a big difference!

I like to add lime to this blueberry pound cake for a little punch of brightness, but of course you can use lemon or even orange zest instead. Use what you prefer or what you have on hand, all three citrus flavors work great in this blueberry pound cake recipe.

If you love this blueberry + lime combo, make sure and also check out the recipe for my favorite Blueberry Lime Muffins!


+Pour the cake

°1 box Golden Butter Cake Mix
°1 package (8 oz) softened cream cheese
°1/2 cup of water
°4 large eggs
°1/2 cup sugar
°1/2 cup vegetable oil
°2 tsp pure vanilla extract

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+For the basic powdered sugar icing

°2 cups powdered sugar
°2 Tablespoons margarine or softened butter
°1 teaspoon vanilla
°3-4 Tbsp milk or half and half


Prepare casserole and preheat oven – Spray 10-inch loaf pan with cooking spray and dust with flour. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine All Ingredients – In a large bowl, combine boxed cake mix, water, eggs, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract and vegetable oil. Using an electric mixer, beat the ingredients on low speed for one minute. After one minute of mixing, scrape the parishes from the bowl and beat for two minutes on medium speed.

Bake the Cake – Once the mixture is well blended and smooth, pour it into your prepared cake pan. Baking for 35-40 min On a wire rack, let the cake cool completely.

Make the frosting (optional) – In a medium bowl, combine powdered sugar, butter or margarine, vanilla and milk or half and half. Mix all the ingredients together using a whisk, until well blended. The texture should be smooth.

If needed, add more milk or half and half to thicken the consistency. Once cake is completely cooled, drizzle frosting over top.

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