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Fertilize the orchid like this, so that it blooms profusely and for a long time!

For those who have orchids at home, the desire is likely to witness their abundant and prolonged blooming. These exquisite plants are renowned for their splendid flowers, adorning their stems for an impressive 3-6 months. To fully capitalize on this natural spectacle, it’s crucial to provide meticulous care, appropriate fertilization, and proper irrigation for your orchids.

Continue reading to discover the optimal orchid fertilizer! When applied correctly, it can result in magnificent blooms for your orchids!


-5 tablespoons of white rice;

– stagnant water.


1.Place the rice in a small bowl.


2.Pour still (room temperature) water over it. The water level in the bowl should be 5-6 cm.

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3.Wash the rice in water with your hands as if preparing it for cooking.

4. Then strain the rice water.

5.Place the orchid in a small bowl and pour the rice water over its substrate. Let it hydrate and feed on the nutrients in the rice for about 60 minutes.

6.If you want, you can freeze the resulting water after the first washing of the rice that you are going to cook — in ice molds. Afterwards just take out some ice cubes and let them thaw. Wait until the water warms up to room temperature, then fertilize the orchid with it. Do not apply frozen water directly to its substrate, as orchids do not like the cold!

7. Fertilize the orchids with rice water once every 14 days.

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