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Dump And Bake Your Way To A Fantastic Meatball Casserole!!!

by Middleeastsector

One Pan Meatball Casserole is one of those dump it and forget it family favorites that everyone loves. It makes a great freezer meal and I’ve adapted it for the slow cooker and instant pot.

One pan dishes are the kind of recipes that motivate me to make dinner. I love the thought of few dishes and easy prep! Some of my favorite one pan meals include Easy Beef Stroganoff, Cottage Pie, and One Pan Jambalaya.

This is one of those magical dinners where uncooked noodles, sauce, and meatballs are all added to a casserole dish and baked together in the same pan! It doesn’t get much easier then that, and it’s the type of warm and comforting meal that everyone in your family will love!

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1 kg of ground beef.

150 g of chopped onions.

1 tsp chopped garlic (15 ml).

1/2 tsp ground cumin (3 ml)

2 tsp chopped parsley (30 ml).

2 tsp of oil (30 ml).

3 tsp of butter (45 ml).

salt also pepper


  1. Roughly chop the onions. Then add the meat, onions, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper, cumin and mix everything well.

2.Then, form this mixture into balls.

3.In a casserole dish, heat the butter and oil and brown the meatballs for fifteen minutes, turning them occasionally.

4.Serve your beef balls hot and serve with couscous in butter or white rice.


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