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This simple crepe recipe yields crepes that are as thin and supple as those you’ll find in France, with the added bonus of crispier edges. Undoubtedly, the easiest crepe recipe to make is one that calls for few ingredients.
For the French, crepes are a meal best shared with many people, whether it’s for afternoon tea, a birthday, or brunch. Whenever they have a crepes party, they have to include their friends. The social aspect of eating crepes is very important to the French. Some French families own a crepe-party maker that seats six people at the table and lets each person prepare their crepes at the same time. It is a simple but enjoyable meal that encourages people to gather around the table and promotes creativity by allowing them to fill crepes with the ingredients of their choice.
Making batter for crepes is a pretty simple process. There are just six ingredients required, along with a bowl for mixing, a whisk, and a crepe pan that does not stick. Let’s get started and see how we can prepare the finest crepes recipe!!!


1¾ Cup.Of White Flour.

3 large-sized Eggs.

¼ small spoon.Of Salt

1 large spoon.Of Vanilla Extract.

1 small spoon.Of White Sugar.

420 ml.Of your favorite Milk; I used the regular one, but you can use almond, soy or coconut milk.

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2 large spoons.Of Unsalted Butter – melted.


First Step: Put the sifted flour with the beaten eggs, salt, vanilla extract, melted butter, and granulated sugar in a large bowl and mix well until you have an incorporated mixture.

Second Step: With a whisk or an electric mixer, beat in the milk in portions until a smooth batter is formed that is completely devoid of lumps.

Third Step: At this point, you need to warm up a crepe pan that has been lightly greased and placed over medium to high heat.

Fourth Step: After pouring or scooping the batter into the pan, you should next rotate and tilt the pan so that the batter is distributed as thinly as possible.

Fifth Step: Cook on both sides until they have a light brown color, which should take about one to two minutes on each side, then serve them hot with the fillings of your choice.

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