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Cream horns are my jam but chocolate is even more my jam so I combined them both to make this light and airy dessert for you!
Guess what? I finally did it.
I bought cream horn molds! We love making different varieties at home such as these strawberry shortcake cream horns.

It was a good investment for us, but if you prefer you could easily use the sugar cone method that I’ve laid out in the instructions.

You may be asking about the filling. It is pretty easy to make.
My favorite way is to whip up some heavy whipping cream and add a flavoring to it like raspberry or pumpkin and definitely chocolate!
You can also go a different route and just use cool whip. Completely acceptable just the same.

Making the pastry part of these cream horns requires minimal effort. Each puff pastry sheet makes about twelve horns.

One important thing to note is that when you are wrapping the pastry around your mold make sure you are stretching and pulling the pastry. This makes your horn longer.

Also make sure that every time your wrap the pastry around the mold it overlaps the previous strand that you wrapped. This prevents any gaps in the horn.

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Chocolate Custard Horns:

2 bars, chocolate
egg, beaten
1 sheet puff pastry

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