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red velvet cheesecake

This cake is characterized by its special appearance. It is made in 4 layers with yummy frosting between each layer. We top this cake with crumbs made from the same cake. Do not worry when you read ‘layers’! We actually make one cake that we cut into even layers. This process makes the cake high and pleasing to the eye. The combination between the colours, white and red, is exquisite. Your guests will be surprised to see a red cake. This makes it unusually exceptional. Additionally, the texture of our cake is super tender thanks to many ingredients like buttermilk and vinegar. The later make it very spongy and soft. Moreover, the frosting layers allows the cake to be creamy and moist.

As far as the taste is concerned, I do not think that there are enough words to describe it. Nevertheless, I can say the mixture between the vanilla in the cake and frosting with other ingredients is super tasty. You and your guests will asks for seconds.

Although this cake takes approximately 90 minutes to be served, it is definitely worth the wait. Nevertheless, it does not take a lot of effort to prepare. You mainly mix all ingredients and you bake the cake. Assembling the cake can take a little time, but it is definitely easy. All the steps are well explained in the instructions’ section below. You can also find details about nutrition details in the table by the end of our article. Enjoy!


+For the cheesecake:
For two cakes:
°8 eggs
°250 g of flour
°60 g of cocoa
°250 g of sugar

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