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This is a simple cake recipe that uses pistachio pudding mix and lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage to make a cake. This sumptuous and filling recipe is great for the weekend or family gatherings.

The pistachio flavor in this cake is extremely subtle. Pistachios have a mild flavor that reminds me of almonds.. The uncooked nut has a delicious taste to it. I love them raw, although I understand that many people prefer them roasted and salted.

Pistachio Cake is a lovely cake that I used to make when I was a kid. You can make a lovely fresh-tasting pistachio cake with a box cake mix, carbonated beverage (I prefer a Sprite for this), whipping topping mix and lots of milk.

This cake has a tender crumb, is perfectly moist all round, and tops with a wonderful fluffy icing – you can’t go wrong with this recipe!

For a long time, this pistachio cake has been a favorite in my family. Because of its green color, we’ve made it a tradition to bake this on Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. But this is one cake that you don’t want ot reserve for just holidays.

You can eat t all year round. You could eat it every single day and each day will feel like the first time!



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1 package white cake mix
¾ cup vegetable oil
1 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage
3 eggs
2 packages instant pistachio pudding mix
2 envelopes whipped topping mix
1 ½ cups milk


Cooking directions

Step 1: Combine cake mix, oil, soda, eggs, and first package of pudding, beat until smooth.

Step 2:Pour the batter into greased pan, and allow to bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes or until it is done.

Step 3:Combine the dream Whip (TM), milk, and pudding, beat until it is stiff then pour over cooled cake. Refrigerate and serve!



•Pistachio cake recipe is ideal for St. Patrick’s Day because of the green tint. If you don’t want to use food coloring, you can leave it out. You can also use natural food colorings, if you want.

•If you are allergic to nuts, you should avoid this recipe because many pistachio puddings contain very small pistachio chunks of pistachios.

•This recipe can be made with vanilla, white, butter, or yellow cake mixes.

•The pudding must be instant and this cake can be made as a layer cake or in a bundt pan.

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