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Long John Silver’s Batter Fish or Chicken

This imitation recipe will allow you to recreate the Long John Silvers fish dish. This crispy fish paste can be recreated at home. This batter-covered fish looks delicious! This fish is crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside. It was a favorite restaurant of mine growing up. Long John Silver’s was established in Pueblo Colorado. My family got in the car, and we quickly ate our fish.

It’s very similar to Fish and Chips served abroad. This recipe is unique because the fish is crispy, but not with a beer batter. This paste is made with club soda, which is the key ingredient. This dough is made with baking soda and baking powder. Club soda gives it a unique flavor that you’ll love.

You can make this recipe at your home with any type of fish. Long John Silver uses Alaskan cod that has been caught wild. My recipe was made with cod I purchased from Costco. It would be great with catfish, tilapia, or other white fishes. Check out my Long John Silvers chicken boards recipe.

I used vegetable oil to fry. I used vegetable oil for frying.
. It is very heat-resistant and can be reused. Peanut oil is a good alternative, although it’s more expensive. Here are some tips. Your fish should not weigh more than 3 ounces. Fish that is too heavy will sink into the oil, and the batter may wrap around the heating elements in your fryer. This is no problem if you use a saucepan to heat the oil. When I dip the breaded fish into the oil, I like to adjust the temperature of the oil several times. This allows the dough to cook just a little faster and helps with expansion. Although it’s easy, the dough expands as it bakes, which makes this dough unique.

I hope you enjoy this childhood favorite. This dough can be used to dip chicken tenders or shrimp, and even onion rings. This recipe can be served with tartar sauce.
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Ingredients :

Frying batter

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1 1/2 cups flour

4 tablespoons cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups hot water

Also, chicken and fish are required



Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix in the water.

Toss the fish fillets or chicken with the batter, and then fry them until golden brown.

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