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Caramel Apple


Easy Caramel Apples are one of the ultimate fall treats! This is a foolproof recipe thats nearly impossible to mess up and it makes perfectly tempting and tasty caramel apples that are great for holidays, parties and gifting. Caramel apples have been one of my all time favorite things to make since I first started cooking and baking. But that made from scratch recipe takes some time and it can be intimating so this year I decided to share the easiest caramel apple recipe ever!

It’s so easy you really don’t even need a recipe, it’s more of just a quick how-to teaching you the method and ingredients to use. And the best part – you only need 3 ingredients! Then from there if you want an upgrade you can add some of your favorite toppings, then just let the caramel set in the fridge briefly and you’ve got a perfectly tempting treat that no one will be able to resist!



12 oz bag Milk Chocolate Chips
1 Green apple
35 Individual wrapped Caramels or 13.5 oz Caramel dip
16 oz Bag of Pretzels



-Melt 1 ¾ cups of chocolate chips in the microwave and stir every 15 seconds until smooth.
-Pour the melted chocolate onto parchment paper and use a rubber spatula to spread it into the shape of a rectangle.
-Layer pretzels on top of the chocolate till it is covered.
-Dice the green apple and dab it with a paper towel to get rid of as much moisture as you can to prevent the caramel from becoming runny.
-Unwrap the caramels and microwave them in 15 second intervals. Stir until all melted. Mix the apples into the caramel then spread it on top of the pretzels.
-Move it to the fridge and let it sit for 30 minutes.
-Remove from fridge and melt the remaining chocolate and drizzle it on top.
-Return to the fridge for an hour then take it out and cut the bark in to bite size pieces.
-Leave the bark in the fridge until you are ready to serve it.

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