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pizza Lunchables!!!

Give your favorite ‘90s lunch new life with this homemade pizza lunchables bento box! Complete with mini pizza ‘crusts,’ sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings, I’ll show you how to make lunchables at home in about 15 minutes. A deliciously fun on-the-go lunch option for kids—and adults! If you’re a fan of pizza everything like me, this lunch idea is definitely worth giving a whirl.

Sure, store-bought lunchables have the convenience of being pre-made and pre-packaged. But with this DIY pizza lunchables recipe, you are in control of the nutrition, the pizza toppings, and even the portion sizes. You choose which bread to use for the crust—whether it’s pita bread or sandwich thins, a whole wheat or white or gluten-free bread. You choose which cheese(s) you want. And you decide which snacks and sweet treats to pack alongside the pizza!

Plus, homemade pizza lunchables still bring the most important ingredient to lunchtime: the FUN of putting your food together yourself and eating it with your hands. I’ll show you how to prep a classic lunchables box with crusts, sauce, and toppings that you assemble at the time of eating. And, I’ll show you a make-ahead option for those who want to bake their pita pizza ahead of time, and then enjoy it cold or reheat it at lunchtime!


3-4 mini whole wheat pita circles, or 4 pita wedges (I use a cookie or biscuit cutter)
¼ –⅓ cup pizza sauce
⅓ –½ cup mozzarella shreds
2-3 Tbsp mini pepperoni
2-3 Tbsp chopped bell peppers
any pizza toppings of choice!

Optional Additional Sides

mixed fruit, I used clementines & blueberries
eggless brownies, or sweet treat of choice!

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Cut pita* into desired shapes for lunchables—either circles or wedges. Store crusts one compartment of bento box, or in a separate sealed container or bag. (Enjoy any leftover pita as a snack while you prep!)
Package pizza sauce into a small dip or dressing container with a lid.
Store cheese in one compartment or container, and store pepperoni and chopped bell pepper in a separate compartment or container. (Feel free to use whichever pizza toppings you prefer!)
Pair DIY pizza lunchables components with desired sides. I went with mixed fruit and some brownies, but you can pack anything else that you like!
Store lunch in the fridge, then take on-the-go and enjoy!
Yields 1 homemade pizza lunchables box.

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