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Italian Bake recipe

If you enjoy eating Italian food and you’re looking for an easy, one-dish meal, then you will absolutely love this Italian bake recipe.
In addition to the step-by-step instructions on the recipe, you will have access to answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as some helpful tips to make the perfect Italian bake.
I love this best Italian bake because I can combine everything and place it in one dish, and it’s a full meal ready to be served once it’s done.

In addition, it tastes so delicious that you will want to keep going back for additional bites.
Turned out so well! I will definitely be making it again!

Do you Boil Pasta Before Baking?

In many cases, it’s necessary to boil your pasta before placing it in the oven, because, depending on the recipe and the cooking time, it may not soften up. However, there are some types of pasta that state they’re oven ready, meaning it’s not necessary to boil before baking.

Why is My Pasta Bake Watery?

Your pasta is likely watery because of the steam produced during the boiling process. To rectify the problem, add a tablespoon of corn starch to the bake and stir. You might also need to cook it a bit longer.

Do you Bake Pasta Covered or Uncovered?

You want to ensure you cover the pasta bake before placing it in the oven, as you don’t want it to burn or become too crunchy on top, before the bake is ready.

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3 pounds chicken breasts (cooked & cut into bite size pieces)
6 Italian sausage links
2 jars or spaghetti sauce (I use Hunt’s in the can – cheaper & just as good!)
1 pound of pasta, penne, macaroni, shells or what ever you like
1 large package of pizza cheese
1 onion
2 large bell peppers – red & green, cut into chunks


Cut up chicken, onion, peppers and sausage.
Boil pasta and drain (don’t over cook)
Mix pasta, sausage, onion, peppers, chicken and sauce.
Put in a large deep dish. If it won’t all fit, make a little side dish to freeze for lunch later.
Top heavily with cheese.
Bake at 325 degrees for about 45 minutes or until golden and bubbly

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