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How to clean your shower door so it stays clean 3x longer

Here’s how to make the best shower door cleaner EVER using Dawn & vinegar~a powerhouse combo to leave glass shower doors sparkling clean.

Why shouldn’t I use a traditional shower cleaner?

Using a store-bought shower cleaner often exposes you to harsh chemicals. The traditional cleaners will effectively clean your shower, but if you are wanting to avoid harsh chemicals and intense smells, then this homemade shower cleaner is a great option for you! It is much easier on your nose than many store-bought alternatives.

Can I save money by making my own shower cleaner?

Absolutely! These two basic items are almost certainly already inside your house. By using these, you can save yourself from having to buy a new cleaner and just use these instead. SUPER easy and perfect for when you need to clean your shower in a rush.

What are shower doors made of?

Most shower doors are made of tempered glass, a special type of glass that is safer if broken than regular glass. In this post, I have only tested this solution on glass shower doors. I am not recommending it for any other shower door or for any tile, stone, or marble.

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