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Heaven on Earth Cake

Heaven on Earth cake describes this delicious trifle-esque dessert perfectly. Moist angel food cake topped with tart cherry pie filling, creamy pudding, and lightly whipped cream make this cake out of this world!

There are so many ways you can make an easy treat filled with whipped cream and your favorite flavors. Try our Strawberry Angel Food Cake, Strawberry Delight, Oreo Delight, or our Butterscotch Delight for more no-bake desserts. Try our Blackberry Cobbler for another fruit dessert option.

Simple and easy !Heaven on Earth Cake with delicious layers of angel cake, sour cream pudding, cherry pie filling, whipped topping, and almonds. Creamy and decadent, this cherry trifle is a sure crowd pleaser!
I was out running errands when I received this text from G, “Hey, there’s heaven on earth in the fridge”. Whaat? WTH is heaven on earth?

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